The Bar

What would be a hotel without a bar? That is not how it works! And why we have placed so much importance on the design of lobby, lounge and bar? Because there is no second chance for a first impression. For the past either. That's why we have created a relaxed and timeless classic atmosphere. The acts in the same attractive at check-in or visit. And enjoyable memories at check-out after the last glass. Bar and lobby are open around the clock. Ideal for quick espresso a day. Perfect for an aperitif or digestif in the evening. And when night falls in Manhattan, suggests the great hour of our professional bartenders. With fresh cocktails and cool drinks. For the national and international guests and revelers from the city. By stimulating loungy feeling as befits an urban city like Frankfurt.

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The evening is still early ...

... and I do not want to go home. A clear case for After Work Frankfurt and the Manhattan Bar. Just the right location for those who do not yet homeward drawn to her care of business, who want to relax and meet good people.
And who wants a little mitwippen the rhythm having a drink, selects the Thursday. Since the Manhattan becomes a live music bar or a stage for turntable DJs. More about Frankfurt After Work, Live Music Bar and other events

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